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A focal point, to commune or pray, is called an “altar“, with an “a“.

When an “e” is near the end, then “alter” means “to change or bend”.

A pentagram is just a star, with five points all around;

but drawn inside a circle shape, a pentacle is found.

Invoke and evoke aren’t as clear, they seem to be entwined –

but evoke brings a memory, we invoke the Divine.

Tarot rhymes with “arrow” as if there’s just one “t”,

and Celtic isn’t “seltic” – it’s like “Capricorn”…hard “c”.

To bind a thing is not the same as banishing, you know –

binding holds it tight, you see, to banish makes it go.

Occult just means “hidden”, like a secret yet to find,

it doesn’t mean it’s evil, as some folks would imply.

by Polly Taskey



What are some of the confusing terms or definitions you’ve encountered? Do you have some I can add to the poem? Feel free to reply in the comments below, or create your own page of “Terms and Definitions” for your personal journal.

Blank Journal Pages are located here: https://themoonlitgrove.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/mlgjournalss.jpg. You may share my poem as long as you give proper credit and a link back to The Moonlit Grove. Thank you.


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