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The first day of January began the brand new year with a brand new Moon! I have a strong feeling (intuition?) that 2014 will be a very magical year, indeed! As I was updating my own Moon Phase and Pagan Celebrations calendar, I noticed that many of the phases occur directly on, or just prior to, special Pagan Celebration Days.  I’ll post a basic Moon Phases and celebrations calendar for the northern hemisphere below, but first, I’d like to suggest that this would be a good time to help your child create his own calendar of Pagan (and other) celebrations that hold importance in your family.

You and your child might include your own special celebrations, birthdays, planned vacations or reunions, family traditions, etc. One example of a “tradition” that is added to my personal calendar is the “thorough cleansing” on, or just prior to, New Year’s Eve. It is at this time that everything is scrubbed top to bottom, crystals and Tarot cards are cleansed and refreshed, and so on. There is a personal, body and mind, cleansing included also. The goal is to wash away and cast aside any stale, unproductive, disappointing, worn out, self-defeating “residue” so as not to carry it over, on myself or within my surroundings, into the new year. After all, there just wouldn’t be “room” to invite the fresh and exciting things I might find in 2014 if I am still bogged down with the old or non-working things from the past. Note: It is not too late (at anytime of the year) to follow this procedure for yourself if you’d like to.

And here is the 2014 Moon Phase and Pagan Celebrations Calendar. Note that there will not be a Blue Moon occurring in 2014.  Also, you might use different “names” to refer to the various Esbats, which is perfectly fine. I’ve chosen the names shown below for reasons outlined on a page on my other blog, here: Pagan by Design ~ Wheel of the Year.

2014 Pagan Calendar ~ Year at a Glance

January 2014

  •  1:  New Moon; Hag’s Day, honoring the Goddess as She Who Transforms
  •  6:  Triple Goddess Day, honoring the Triple Goddess; also the Day of the Lord of the Dance
  •  8:  Waxing Moon
  • 16:  Full Moon – Wolf Moon
  • 18:  Day of Danu, celebrating the Great Goddess who Shows the Way
  • 24:  Waning Moon
  • 27:  Dark Moon
  • 30:  New Moon; Jan30-Feb 2:  Roman celebration of Februalia

February 2014

  •   2:  Imbolc Sabbat, Cleansing, Purification, Quickening
  •   6:  Waxing Moon
  • 14:  Full Moon – Quickening Moon; Family Day, celebrated as Valentine’s Day
  • 15:  Pan’s Day, honoring Lord of the Wilderness, Animals, Fertility
  • 22:  Waning Moon
  • 25:  Dark Moon

March 2014

  •   1:  New Moon; Matronalia, the Festival of Women
  •   8:  Waxing Moon
  •   9:  Mother Goddess Day
  • 16:  Full Moon – Storm Moon
  • 17:  Festival honoring Dionysus, God of Vine and Rebirth
  • 20:  Ostara Sabbat – Spring Equinox, Goddess of Spring
  • 24:  Waning Moon
  • 25:  Lady Day, honoring the Crone as Grandmother
  • 27:  Dark Moon
  • 30:  New Moon

April 2014

  •   1:  Dark Mother Day, honoring Black Annis, Kali; Fool’s Day, God of Chaos energy
  •   7:  Waxing Moon
  •   8:  Day of Mooncakes, honoring the Moon Goddess
  • 15:  Full Moon – Hare Moon
  • 22:  Waning Moon; Earth Day
  • 23:  Festival of the Greenman, honoring the God of forest and vegetation
  • 25:  Dark Moon; Spring Festival, dedicated to the Horned God and Corn Mother
  • 29:  New Moon
  • 30:  May Eve, annual gathering of Witches and covens

May 2014

  •   1:  Beltane Sabbat, Festival of Spring and Fertility
  •   7:  Waxing Moon
  • 14:  Full Moon – Chaste Moon
  • 21:  Waning Moon; Dark/Bright Mother Goddess Day, honoring Hecate/Demeter, Kali/Uma
  • 24:  Dark Moon
  • 28:  New Moon; Feast Day honoring the Goddess of the Moon, Dark Moon, Underworld, Secret Wisdom, Witches

June 2014

  •   5:  Waxing Moon; Earth Mother Day, honoring Gaia/Mother Earth
  •   8:  New Moon
  • 13:  Full Moon – Dyad Moon; Feast Day honoring Goddess of the Horse (Otherworld Guide)
  • 19:  Waning Moon
  • 21:  Litha Sabbat, Summer Solstice , Midsummer’s Eve, offerings to the Other People
  • 22:  Dark Moon
  • 23:  Day of the Lady and Lord of the Sidhe, Otherworld Aspects of the Divine

July 2014

  •   1:  Crone Day, honoring Father Time and Old Mother Nature
  •   5:  Waxing Moon
  • 12:  Full Moon – Mead Moon
  • 19:  Waning Moon
  • 21:  Witch’s Day, celebrating the Craft
  • 22:  Dark Moon
  • 26:  New Moon

August 2014

  •   1:  Lammas or Lugnassadh Sabbat, First Harvest. Bread Harvest, grains
  •   4:  Waxing Moon
  • 10:  Full Moon – Herb Moon
  • 17:  Waning Moon
  • 20:  Dark Moon; God and Goddess Marry, Sun God enters Earth Goddess and rules the Underworld as Lord of Shadows
  • 21:  Festival of Hecate, invoking her protection over the harvests
  • 25:  New Moon

September 2014

  •   2:  Waxing Moon
  •   9:  Full Moon – Harvest Moon
  • 13:  Fire Lighting Ceremony, honoring the spirits of the dead with candle light
  • 16:  Waning Moon
  • 19:  Dark Moon
  • 21:  International Day of Peace
  • 23:  Mabon Sabbat, Autumn Equinox, Second Harvest or Vine Harvest
  • 24:  New Moon

October 2014

  •   1:  Waxing Moon
  •   2:  Feast of Guardian Spirits
  •   8:  Full Moon – Wine or Blood Moon
  • 15:  Waning Moon
  • 18:  Dark Moon; Great Horn Festival, Horned God and Lady of the Wood invoked for the fertility of game during the Hunting Season
  • 23:  New Moon
  • 31:  Waxing Moon; Samhain Sabbat, Third Harvest (Root Harvest), All Hallows Eve, Dark God and Dark Goddess united in Underworld allow spirit communication

November 2014

  •   1:  Cailleach’s Reign, honoring Riders of the Wild Hunt who search for souls to transport to Land of Shadows; Mexico’s Day of the Dead
  •   6:  Full Moon – Hunter’s Moon
  • 14:  Waning Moon
  • 16:  Night of Hecate, honoring Goddess of Moon, Magic, and Witches as the Teacher of the Craft
  • 17:  Dark Moon
  • 22:  New Moon
  • 29:  Waxing Moon
  • 30:  Festival of Hecate

December 2014

  •   6:  Full Moon – Oak Moon
  • 14:  Waning Moon
  • 17:  Dark Moon; Beginning of Saturnalia
  • 21:  Yule Sabbat, Winter Solstice and Return of the Sun God
  • 22:  New Moon
  • 24:  Holly Eve, departure of Holly King who leaves gifts for children
  • 25:  Oak Day, celebrating birth of the Oak King, birth of the Sun
  • 28:  Waxing Moon
  • 31:  Hogmanay – New Year’s Eve, Crone prepares to depart; as the old, withered year changes at midnight to a fresh, young New Year

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It isn’t quite “Walnut Grove”, but the pure and wholesome intention is the same. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll find Pagan Homeschooling Lessons for you and your precious Mini-Pagans!

Since everyone walking a Pagan path subscribes to differences in practice and belief, not every lesson may appeal to every member. Simply choose the material best-suited to your spirituality, or alter contents to meet your liking.

Please don’t hesitate to suggest potential training themes, share your ideas, resources, or questions. The Moonlit Grove is for all, regardless of faith or age.

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