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5bf02651e3d9c2bb8b20ac19dcade2faMy grandchildren and I continue our family tradition of mixing up Magic Reindeer Corn and putting it out for Santa’s deer on Christmas Eve.  It’s a very simple, inexpensive way to boost imaginations and the excitement of Yule with the little ones.  No need for precise measurements. 😉

1/2 c Oats (dry oatmeal works fine)

1/4 c Dried field corn

1-2 T Fine glitter (gold or silver, or any colors you prefer)

(for a bit of added “glow”, lightly spray one side of the corn kernels beforehand with glow in the dark spray paint and let it dry thoroughly before mixing)

Mix the ingredients while reciting the following with the children:

With oats and corn from fields we tend

endurance to the deer we lend –

so they can journey far and near,

with Santa, spreading Yuletide cheer.

To help them travel, fast and true,

some Pixie sparkles – added, too.

But the Magic part that helps them fly

comes from the hearts of you and I.

When you spread the mixture outdoors on or before Christmas Eve, you might wish to recite,

Beneath the Moonbeams’ shining light

This Magic corn will sparkle bright

To guide the Reindeer in their flight

and help them find my house at night.

Blessings to you and your loved ones for this Yule season and beyond.


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