It isn’t quite “Walnut Grove”, but the pure and wholesome intention is the same. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll find Pagan Homeschooling Lessons for you and your precious Mini-Pagans!

Since everyone walking a Pagan path subscribes to differences in practice and belief, not every lesson may appeal to every member. Simply choose the material best-suited to your spirituality, or alter contents to meet your liking.

Please don’t hesitate to suggest potential training themes, share your ideas, resources, or questions. The Moonlit Grove is for all, regardless of faith or age.

A focal point, to commune or pray, is called an “altar“, with an “a“.

When an “e” is near the end, then “alter” means “to change or bend”.

A pentagram is just a star, with five points all around;

but drawn inside a circle shape, a pentacle is found.

Invoke and evoke aren’t as clear, they seem to be entwined -

but evoke brings a memory, we invoke the Divine.

Tarot rhymes with “arrow” as if there’s just one “t”,

and Celtic isn’t “seltic” – it’s like “Capricorn”…hard “c”.

To bind a thing is not the same as banishing, you know -

binding holds it tight, you see, to banish makes it go.

Occult just means “hidden”, like a secret yet to find,

it doesn’t mean it’s evil, as some folks would imply.

by Polly Taskey



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In this lesson, students and parents can learn how various colors affect mood, the meaning of Chromotherapy, what dispersion of Sunlight results in, where the Visible Light Spectrum fits into the Full Electromagnetic Spectrum, which colors correspond to various magical workings, and more. Included are Activity Suggestions, a Color Poem for Pagan Children written by the Author, various experiments, and a Unit Test with Vocabulary at the end of the lesson. Color and Light1.1

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